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Learn about the 24-hour Organ Qi Cycle and how it relates to your emotions
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You are a private and reclusive person. There is a sacred place within yourself that can't be shared with anybody - your inner sanctum. This makes you appear aloof and could cause problems in close relationships. You have great respect for tradition and history and you are tempted to stick with conventional solutions, only ready to let go of rigid attitudes during major crisis.

You enjoy appearing inaccessible, mysterious and unknowable. Logical and systematic you enjoy solving problems. Akbal gives incredible endurance to actualize your goals, no matter how long it will take.

Mayan Astrology and Signs

Challenge: Trials are the gateways to spiritual treasures. In search for the innermost light the perils of the soul have to be faced, confronting all kinds of fears. Light is found at the very core of darkness. Dare to go with adventures, diving into the unknown.

Passionate Red Serpent Wavespell |

Open yourself to revelations and visions. Truly individual, acting out of an instinctual, primal wholeness - unique in expressions and full of seeds - hidden potentials to grow new life. In the beginning just dreams, ideas and plans - plant them, give them away to the fertile soil, allow life force and light to break their shell, give them a chance to germinate. Don't wait for the perfect time or place to cast your seeds away. Live life as a dancer, a musician or a mischief. You have a fiery nature and a lot of deep and strong physical energy. Outdoor activities are balancing your mental pursuits and interests.

Sexuality is of great importance, giving you an outlet for all the primal energy roaring within. Trust your intention in the now and take the first step towards fulfilling yourself. Deep down you are very serious about life. You own powerful senses and you often operate on instinct, on auto-pilot. You are very receptive, reacting quickly, catching opportunities and making contact to the right people.

You are a strong thinker, diving deep into intricate subjects like science, philosophy or metaphysics. Your success is based on patient effort, daily routine, strong dedication and commitment. You don't care so much about other people's opinions and you are far from compromising yourself in any way.

You have a strong desire to appear in public and you show a natural talent for leadership. You are competent and outstanding in whatever you choose to do. You attract wealth and good fortune. Challenge: Concerned with safety, there is the tendency to hold on to your energies, thinking you have to unfold your life. This egotistical point of view leads towards depression and hopelessness. Show your true temper, be light-hearted and enthusiastic.

Dive deeply into sexuality, pass through all kinds of obsessions, and face upcoming problems and confusions.

You crave for challenges and crisis in order to heal the split between mind and body. Come down from your head, center within the fire of your heart, allow it to burn away conditionings and limitations.

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Strong willed and charismatic you can embody the highest and the lowest forms of existence. Rising to the highest you will transmit light and truth - embodying spiritual ideas. Falling into the Underworld you might represent the poisonous snake diving into excesses. You can draw and hold attention, you radiate a mysterious and secretive aura and you can be quite dramatic. You know the knack of getting attention, but you're rarely understood.

Although delighting in public focus you are a solitary being, enjoying privacy and seclusion, thinking in terms of "I" instead of "we". Harmonized and balanced within yourself you attract others instead of repulsing them. Only then will you be able to use your high intelligence in constructive ways, transforming your instinctual wisdom, developing healing powers, accessing sorcery and witchcraft.

Challenge: You own powerful emotions, which are challenging you to look deeply into unsolved inner conflicts. These emotional tides can be dramatically intense, for yourself and for the people close to you.

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Your penetrating psychic energy is at times intrusive. Internalize feelings and learn to express anger in constructive ways. Unless you really gather the courage to face fear and emotional upheaval again and again you will fall into paralyzed states of indecision. By refusing to take responsibility the universe makes decisions by default, leaving you unhappy; trapped within your own life - even more so because personal freedom means a lot to you.

Sensual pleasures and survival instincts stimulate your primal awareness, activating your intuitive wisdom. Don't rely too much on hearing and seeing. These senses may fragment and distort your intuition, enticing you to start reasoning. Connecting with touch, smell and taste brings you to the present moment, aligns you with instinctual wisdom.

Day of forgiveness, a very lucky day to be born on. After having quenched all physical needs there comes the challenge to extend consciousness, encompassing the mysteries of death, awakening to limitlessness. Cimi is dedicated to deep inquiry, ready to look inside. Passing through periods of solitude, turning points are experienced.

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  • A close encounter with death might create a sacred wound within you. Allow pain — it's a blessing in disguise, it will boost your transforming process. In the light of life's immense questions, religion and metaphysics might help building faith and trust. Pushing understanding beyond the limits of intellect reveals the mysterious, opens the doors to the nonphysical world of spirit. When polarities are dissolving, true inner wisdom is generated.

    Cimi cooperates well with others, having great dedication for community and partnership. Deep inside there is a strong sense of obligation towards humanity as a whole - you are a living sample of true sister- and brotherhood, feeling great compassion for all the suffering beings. Challenge: Preoccupied with helping you often forget caring for yourself. Remember: you can love others only as much as you are able to love yourself!

    True giving will come out of abundance, when overflowing your riches are shared naturally. So be generous and compassionate with yourself first. Being a perfectionist you take life very serious. You are gracious, and yet reluctant to share your core feelings. Although capable, you don't feel like leading others, preferring to contribute behind the scenes. In partnership you are torn toward strong individuals, tending to conform, wanting to fit the cast, almost neglecting your own personality — to the point of playing the passive role of a victim. There is no need to sway dynamics covertly from behind the scenes to get the results you desire.

    Contemplate on transitoriness and you will realize that death doesn't mean destruction; but liberation, reconnecting the limited self with universal consciousness. The hand is symbolizing your abilities to improve upon nature by adjoining creative genius, applying the proper tools to achieve the envisioned results. Manik is the archetype of advanced intelligence - recognizing potentials, and following through to their completion.


    Caring for projects and futuristic ideas with intense commitment you never get tired of expanding your skills to fulfill highest standards of accomplishment. Intuitive and sensitive to the concerns of other beings you hold the desire is to improve upon the quality of others lives. Community and family issues are important generous, peaceful and inspiring. You enjoy social work and blossom in an atmosphere of companionship. Generous, peaceful and inspiring you enjoy social work and blossom in an atmosphere of companionship.

    Manik is unconventional, experiential, owns powerful intuition and a sharp mind. You can be pretty bold, speaking up the truth, regardless of any consequences.

    Mayan Horoscope: Serpent

    Although you prefer contributing from behind the scenes having no desire to be a leader still at times you might be the sovereign manager. You have strong feelings for nature, plants and animals.

    Farming, outdoor work or sports are empowering. You are very sensual - appreciating eating and sexual pleasures. You own a strong sense for aesthetics and artistic talents, especially a strong sense of rhythm. You love dancing and body movement. Challenge: Deriving security from close relationships you have to learn being more comfortable with your own individuality.

    Serpent Character by Mayan Horoscope